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  •               DEVELOPMENT HISTORY


                      March 1993, company was established.


                 October 2003, company was scaled up, put into 20 sets of new equipment. 


                 December 2004, company purchased industrial land of 16 acres in Zhujin Industrial Park.


                 December 2006, first-stage plant was finished, and removed.


                 January 2008, company added equipment into 90 sets one after another, all of equipment we chose are the most advanced at home, the capacity of year broke through 10,000,000 sets.


                 January 2016, Our product R&D department was built up, lots of products obtained appearance patent. 


                 June 2017, second-stage plant was finished, put into production.


                  October 2017, We prepared declaration work of “national high-tech enterprise” and applied for a number of utility model patent.


                 February 2018, we launched overall fully management upgrade activity. 

                 November 2018, we passed the first high-tech enterprise identified job in 2018.



    Add. #18, Yujin South Rd, Zhujin Industrial Park, Longhu District, Shantou, Guangdong, 515041 China

    Tel: 0754-8863 8788 Fax: 0754-8863 0788

    Domestic Contact Information:

    HuiShan Li/ mobile phone:139 2398 7789(Wechat the same number)

    ChunMei Zhan / mobile phone:189 2367 1788(Wechat the same number)

    International Contact Information:

    Elinza Cai / mobile phone:189 0270 1882(Wechat the same number)

    Email: newwave@stnewwave.com

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